BB 67580 profile view

BB 67580 Jouef equipped with a Fleischmann Profi coupling in a dovetail holder.

Decoder and separation of the lights

First sight

For almost €200: no elongation; not even a NEM coupling box. Cold white lights, so cold that they are blue! There’s some work to do!

A trial to reconstruct the electrical diagram

From the PCB, it might be possible to retrieve the lights control diagram. But it’s a double-sided circuit, with a dark varnish and components placed above the tracks. Here is for the most motivated what I have deduced from it (without any guarantee!)

Original PCB

The upper tracks are in green, the lower ones, normally invisible, in pink. Some not very visible components are in blue.

I tried to deduce, as for the BB 12061 Trix, the tracks to be cut and connected to separately control the red lights. I was left to burn a Lenz Silver decoder that, luckily, Lenz gracefully replaced. Vielen Dank!