DB ARmh216 coach, profile view

Piko DB Armh216 coach after improvement.

This coach is relatively simplified, as are all the older Piko models, but its interior fittings really stand out like a sore thumb: it’s a single piece of pistachio green plastic.

But I found a website where a lot of information and pictures are given about the interior design: eisenbahn-harzvorland.de. Other pictures of the exterior can be seen on drehscheibe-online.de.

The real coach

We will see that the actual interior fittings have nothing to do with Piko’s green part. First, a view of a compartment and a wall with a shelf.

Compartment and shelf

Next, a view of the dining room.

Dining room

Finally, two views of the kitchen, the first towards the end, the second towards the dining room.


Photos © Friedhelm Schlender 2007.

Model decoration


Disassembling the coach doesn’t pose any particular difficulty, by sliding a plastic card between the chassis and the body, as usual.

To make airbrushing easier, I cut the interior fittings in three parts corresponding to three areas: compartments, restaurant, kitchen. Each part will keep four lugs to fix it to the chassis: no problem with this.

Disassembled coach, cut-out layout

Notes :


I will of course simplify or even interpret the decoration of the real coach.

Here are the colours used:

These colours are applied with an airbrush.

Then the restaurant table tops are painted white with a brush. The floors (although almost invisible except in the compartments) are painted in medium grey. In the dining room, I prefer to leave the floor blue, as contouring the seats would be tricky to do properly.

Painting the interior fittings