Coach improvement

Hornby-Jouef RIB 70

Reuse of a mould dating almost 20 years, this suburban stainless steel train set has many simplifications and approximations (e.g. body lengths). Especially, an unpleasant surprise when buying: no elongation, even no NEM box, yet indicated in the catalogue as pictograms!

LS Models Nord coach

This time, these Nord Rapide coaches are recent design models, by a manufacturer who begins to be experienced. And, given the price, we expect to have something impeccable. This is unfortunately not the case, and we’ll have to tinker a little. And add lighting, too.


This DEV AO B10 U50 coach is again a very recent model, very beautiful, but with fairly unpardonable defects, some of which are unfortunately impossible to correct.

Vitrains VB2N

Globally successful, these two-level suburban coaches have a number of flaws: wiring of the driver’s coach very visible, no platform fitting, no lighting in compartments, etc.

LS Models VSE

Very successful, easy to disassemble. Current pickup are provided. All you have to do is make the rest of the lighting circuit…

Heris USI coach

This is the first series of USI coaches designed by LS Models in collaboration with Heris. Stunted handles and moulded cables. The bogie centre distance is too short of 7 mm!