Locomotive improvement (continued)

Mistral X 4005

The front red lights cannot be turned off when a trailer is coupled. And, at the rear, the battery box must be removed to mount a coupling, which changes the specific aspect of the machine seen from the rear. Well, I say no!


Model of former origin. The bodies are deformed and do not hold. The trailer brakes very efficiently. Only the front lamss of the motor car can be controlled. Obsolete incandescent bulbs, etc.

Van Biervliet NMBS 6321

For a “budget” model at a relatively modest price (€140), the engraving is quite fine, except the steps. But some improvements can be done regarding electricity.

Roco DB VT11.5

Born in the eighties, this models asks for being equipped with a decoder, and a complete lighting.

LS Models CC 40105

One of the first LS Models CC 40100 released, which needs some improvement, especially after its accident…