Locomotive improvement

Roco BB 63000

An old-fashioned circuit, with incandescent lamps that heat and deform the plastic, and no red lights. Let’s see what we can do.

Roco BB 16007

For this old model, same as for the 63000, but easier because there is more room.

Trix BB 12061

Red lights exist, but are not separated. Open heart operation.

Jouef BB 67580

Red lights exist, but are not separated. The white lights are… blue. The speed of this machine is too low. The PCB, quite complex, made me burn a decoder out. Fortunately, Lenz is a very serious brand that replaced the decoder, when they were absolutely not responsible. Congratulations and thank you!

Electrotren CC 65526

I bought the model not sounded, nor even digitized, because I prefer to rely on decoders I’m used to, and because sound literally breaks my ears, after only a few minutes! Red lights exist, but are not separated. The fan turns too fast.

Vitrains NMBS 160

Known song: red lights are not separated from white. But, a bit of originality, the upper front lights, mandatory for international traffic, which are supposed to be illuminated, are not!


X4005 Mistral, RGP TEE Roco, SNCB 6321 Van Biervliet, CC40105 LS Models