Construction and various improvements (continued)

Sins of youth

In this section, I retrieve old documents on projects I had undertaken between sixteen and twenty-two. Unfortunately, most have not come to an end. Too much ambitious?

Gantry crane modelling

I’ve been considering for a long time modelling a container gantry crane at 1:87 scale. Let’s already begin by 3D modelling.

Gantry crane construction

That’s it, I started making the gantry! But with what technique? Photoetched sheet metal or 3D printing? Or both? In what proportions?

Electric coupling

For a long time, I have been testing electrical couplings for (almost) non-separable trains: suburban trains, TEE. The time has come to move on to a serious realization.

Lighting strips

I have a number of unused PCBs left. So, I thought this might be of interest to some hobbyists who are not afraid to solder SMD components.