Construction and various improvements

Storage boxes

Large flat boxes of standardized dimensions, containing typical train compositions, and allowing a much faster and safer storage than original boxes.

LSM AM11 pantograph

The very beautiful AM11 LS Models pantographs suffer from a defect: their fixing device.

Pipes for R8 wagons

Looking through old documents, I found again a small article in La Vie du Rail that talked about the loading of water pipes for the city of Dijon…


Over time, I started to buy more serious tools, meant to allow for better work. It’s not always the case…

REE lamps

The era III/IV lamps released by REE please me well. But their light guide is not really effective. Let’s see how to integrate an LED directly inside.

Reinventing the wheel

At the risk of disappointing you, I confess humbly: I did not invent the butter slicer nor the wheel. In this section, I pinch others’ inventions, and I bring them back to you at my sauce.


Sins of youth - Gantry crane