Software used for the website’s construction

For the Gibitrains website’s construction, I don’t use WYSIWYG software nor CMS, and this by pure interest in the internal mechanisms of the web machine. With one exception (PDF-Xchange Viewer), the software used is free.

I haven’t listed some tools like those allowing to minify the files, or Google Search Console that doesn’t need for advertising!

Note that I use Pages perso Orange as an Internet service provider. The advantages are: free (provided you subscribe Orange of course…); no advertising; large free space (6 GB, which I currently use less than 700 MB, admittedly with optimized images). Some disadvantages are: no server-side scripting language (PHP); no possible use of .htaccess file to declare URL redirects for example.

Text Editing

Notepad++ Text editor with of course syntax highlighting suitable for many languages, macros, etc.
TextCrawler Multi-file search / replace tool with many filter options and regular expression management.
LanguageTool Spelling and grammar proofing tool. In English, it manages the difference between British and American English.

File Management

Winmerge Comparison / Merge tool for different versions of files.
Ant Renamer File renaming tool with many options.

Image Processing Image editor easy to use and yet powerful enough. Ability to create new commands with a scripting language.
XnView Image (basic) editor and management. Batch processing with the possibility of scripts.
CombineZP Simple stacking software, although a rather confusing use. Development stopped.
Perspective Image Correction Fills a gap in the perspective correction of an image.
PngOptimizer PNG image size optimization by Drag and Drop.
TweakPNG PNG file chunks (basic PNG structures) editing.

Image Metadata Management

PhotoME Edit EXIF, IPTC, XMP ​​metadata, etc. Development unfortunately stopped.
Exiftool Command line creation, display, editing of metadata.

PDF Creation, Viewing, Printing

Cute PDF Writer Very simple PDF printing.
PDF-Xchange Viewer Successfully replaces Adobe Acrobat. In the Pro version (paying), allows PDF edition with many options. Note : PDF-Xchange Viewer doesn’t exist anymore, replaced with PDF-XChange Editor.

Audio-Video Processing

Virtual Dub The best known free video editor. Not very friendly, but very powerful.
Audacity The best known free audio editor.
Aegisub Editing and managing video subtitles, following the timeline.
MediaInfo Metadata viewer for video files.

Audio-Video File Conversion

FFmpeg Command line audio-video file conversion, with very fine, but complex, conversion settings.
Format Factory Multi-format audio-video file conversion. The conversion settings are not necessarily very flexible.
Online Convert Online multi-format audio-video files conversion.
MP4Cam2AVI Small utility for lossless MOV to AVI conversion, very handy to work with Virtual Dub which doesn’t like MOV files.

Website Management

WampServer Apache local server. Very useful for testing the website before publishing. But the installation is very complicated.
FileZilla FTP server. Manage the content of the website. Very easy to use, despite a perfectible colour management.
Xenu Search for broken links, local or on the Web. Don’t be afraid of the disturbing look of the logo!
The Nu Html Checker Command-line html5 validator. I suggest you a simple command file, zipped, to easily use this validator. Sitemap (xml, text or other) file generator, with the ability of specifying the last modified date of each file.

The latest version (18) also validates style sheets, in
css files as well as in html files.
The script I propose doesn’t do this, but just adding
the --also-check-css parameter into the
command line will do the job.