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15/01/2021-Improvement and lighting of LS Models Express Nord coaches
25/12/2020-DR type B coaches Rivarossi
18/12/2020-Arbel 1976 wagon catalog
11/12/2020-Lighting of the NMBS M2 coaches Märklin - New couplings, new lighting strips
10/12/2020-Improvement of the Roco DEV Dd4s luggage van
01/12/2020-Diesel locomotive BB 66433 Jouef
29/10/2020-Dd4s DEV 62 luggage van Roco
29/10/2020-Removable lamps: application to various coaches
12/10/2020-Composition: TEE 83 “Brabant” Paris - Brussels, 1974
10/10/2020-Composition: TEE 85 “Étoile du Nord” Paris - Brussels - Amsterdam, 1974 to 1977
08/10/2020-Composition: TEE 41 “Molière” Paris Nord - Düsseldorf, 1971 to 1975
06/10/2020-Composition: Rapide no. 9 Paris - Amiens - Calais Maritime, summer 1968
29/09/2020-Removable lamps
17/09/2020-Improving the CC 40105 LS Models
07/07/2020-VB2N Vitrains: new lighting for the other coaches
03/07/2020-VB2N Vitrains: equipment of the driving coach
28/06/2020-A four-pole electric coupling
15/05/2020-A3rtu TEE “Mistral 69” bar coach Jouef
15/05/2020-Refrigerating wagon Igs Frangeco LS Models
03/05/2020-Improvement of a digital caliper
28/03/2020-Vru TEE “Mistral 69” dining-car Jouef
21/03/2020-A4Dtux “Mistral 69” coach Jouef
21/03/2020-A8u and A8tu TEE “Mistral 69” coaches Jouef
21/03/2020-B10t modernized Sud-Est “Bruhat” coach Roco
19/03/2020-I begin with KiCad
16/02/2020-Picasso Mistral : separate light control by function decoder
12/02/2020-Setting-up microswitches on Peco turnout
11/02/2020-B3r OCEM ex-Transat coach Models World
11/02/2020-B10 OCEM FL coach Models World
06/02/2020-Microscope for Modeller?
27/01/2020-Construction of the Joseph Paris gantry
14/01/2020-Standard D type brake van EPM
14/01/2020-Richard cereal hopper REE
18/11/2019-NMBS I4 coaches LS Models
18/11/2019-Kässbohrer Setra S12 coach Brekina
06/11/2019-Tds hopper wagon with opening roof
02/11/2019-Home made latching reed switches, new models
13/10/2019-Improvement of the Roco VT11.5 DB
02/10/2019-Tail lights for LS Models VSE
22/09/2019-Composition: rapide 246 Hamburg, Berlin, Welkenraedt – Paris, winter 1972-73
19/09/2019-Photo: an Optical Viewfinder for a DSLR Camera
16/09/2019-Composition: rapide 400 Calais - Paris, summer 1973
16/09/2019-Composition: junction JJ400 Paris-Nord - Paris-Lyon, summer 1973
31/08/2019-Tools: Proxxon FMZ vice
28/08/2019-BB 12061 Trix: montage of Pennati pantographs
28/07/2019-VSE and VTU coaches in orange C1 livery LS Models
28/07/2019-TEE Erasmus coaches of the DB Roco
06/06/2019-A7Dtj DEV inox U63 coach HJ
17/04/2019-MU 1964 sleeping car ACME
15/03/2019-Home made latching reed switches
04/03/2019-DEV AO couchette coaches Jouef
17/02/2019-Railway station luggage trolleys REE
14/02/2019-A9tj DEV inox U56 coach Jouef
14/02/2019-A5rtj DEV inox U56 coach Jouef
24/01/2019-Improvement of the Jouef DEV Dd4s luggage car
06/01/2019-Lighting of NMBS M2 coaches Märklin

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