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30/11/2021-Modification of the REE B4D SE coach
22/11/2021-KiCad : better method for …
18/11/2021-Better method for soldering the LEDs for detachable lamps
06/11/2021-Detachable lamps for the B4D Sud-Est REE coach
26/10/2021-A circuit on the terrace
23/10/2021-New compositions
20/10/2021-B4D Sud-Est modernized coach REE
12/10/2021-Bernard TD150 BoS Models and Lamborghini Urraco PCX87
3/09/2021-Simca 1100 PCX87 and other
01/09/2021-Load of wire crowns for flat wagon
31/08/2021-Jouef Res R9 flat wagon
14/08/2021-Bi-carrier UFR flat wagon REE
14/08/2021-“Oppeln” wagon Exact-Train and other
11/08/2021-News on the Commer Matchbox van!
22/07/2021-Type UH sleeping car ACME
30/06/2021-Travelling post office type 1974 LS Models
07/06/2021-A voltage multiplier for DC enthusiasts…
27/05/2021-Eads (E7) hopper REE
24/05/2021-Improving the Piko DB ARmh216 coach
17/05/2021-La Vie du Rail No. 1095: the cinema coach Su 204
13/05/2021-Rail inspection car trailer REE
30/04/2021-Peugeot 504 break PCX87 and other
24/04/2021-Home-designed elongating drawbar
22/04/2021-Voltage multiplier
02/04/2021-Lighting strips for coaches
17/03/2021-Ring light for mini-milling machine
14/03/2021-Lighting and interior fittings of HJ RIB
12/03/2021-Improvement of LS Models modernized Sud-Est coaches
24/02/2021-PKP type Y 111A coach Robo
8/02/2021-Improvement of LS Models VTU coaches
29/09/2020-Removable lamps
17/09/2020-Improving the CC 40105 LS Models
07/07/2020-VB2N Vitrains: new lighting for the other coaches
03/07/2020-VB2N Vitrains: equipment of the driving coach
28/06/2020-A four-pole electric coupling
15/05/2020-A3rtu TEE “Mistral 69” bar coach Jouef
15/05/2020-Refrigerating wagon Igs Frangeco LS Models
03/05/2020-Improvement of a digital caliper

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Exegi monumentum aere perennius*
Goscinny & Uderzo - Asterix and the Banquet*

gateauBonnes fêtes Published on 20 November 2016
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I have erected a monument more lasting than bronze

Uh, no, no, it’s from HoraceOdes, book III

Citroën 11B SAI

Citroën CX break PCX87

Citroën GS Herpa

DAF 66 Brekina

FIAT 127 Starline

FIAT 130 PCX87

Train 235 « Scandinavia Express » Paris Nord - Copenhagen, winter 1972-73

Train 246 Hamburg, Berlin, Welkenraedt – Aulnoye – Paris Nord, winter 1972-73

Train 232 « Nord-Express » Copenhagen - Hamburg - Liège - Paris Nord, summer 1973

Train 246 Warsaw, Hamburg, Berlin, Liège - Paris Nord, summer 1973

Covered wagon Gbs254 DB Exact-Train

Covered wagon Gbs NS Exact-Train

Covered wagon Gs212 DB Exact-Train

Ford Fiesta PCX87

Bedford TK Brekina

Dimensioning the devices’ position

Placing the devices