Quiz game. Principle: a card divided into two equal parts, at the centre of which there is a recess, is placed on the playing area. The mage mounted on a cylindrical base with a notch to lock him in rotation, is placed on the left-hand part and is rotated so that he indicates a question with his wand. Then, he is placed on the right part, on a small mirror. He then begins to oscillate, as if he were looking for the answer, then stops, evidently pointing to the right answer. The trick is that the answers are in the same order as the questions, even if they are not oriented in the same direction (happily!). A magnet placed in the base of the mage positions him correctly.

On the website where IĀ found the photo, boardgamegeek.com, there are dozens of different versions of this game, with various characters: robots, mages, Mickey, Snoopy, etc., from all countriesā€¦ except France, unfortunately.

In the photo, the original wooden wand, very thin and fragile, has been replaced by a cocktail peak!