D-2705 shunter Jouef

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Fanciful D-2705 shunter.

Fanciful? Well no, as this message shows on the Loco-Revue forum.

Now, we even have its characteristics, thanks to Castle Class and Philippe Galaup: series of 8 locomotives Class 27, built from 1953 to 1956, power 146 kW, speed limit 20 km/h, length 22' 4". The D 2705 was in service in Edinburgh, it was reformed in August 1967.

Then I don’t resist the idea of putting the photo of the original, found on railuk.info!

New in 1962.

This whimsical model bothered me at most with its bad electrical contacts, its crooked transmission and its motor that seemed to work only on-off. I had filed its footsteps because it exceeded the gauge in my station. That beats everything for a supposedly British machine!

It did not live long, and here is what remains (no more motor, no more transmission)… an empty shell…

See a copy in good condition (but my picture is sharper…) on the Les trains Jouef website by Philippe Galaup.

Jouef D-2705 locoJouef D-2705 loco

D 2706 loco

Anonymous photo on railuk.info.