Fulgur Virevolte

Photo danefield.com.

This toy appeared in 1959, obviously inspired by the 1958 concept car Simca Fulgur, project of the car of the year 2000, commissioned by the Journal of Tintin (quotation of robert-opron-catalog-raisonnable), designer Robert Opron.

This car (I am talking about the toy!) was changing direction when meeting with an obstacle. The system design, entirely mechanical except for the traction by an electric motor powered by a 4.5 V flat battery, was particularly clever. The front wheels, both driving and steering, were mounted, with a kind of differential, on a vertical pivot which transmitted the movement. If the translation was blocked, the wheels would turn in opposite directions around the pivot, and then, as soon as the restraining force ceased, the car would start again. I saw this system also applied to a Far West style locomotive. But it was more consistent with a “Year 2000” car!

Many pictures of the Simca Fulgur on the carstyling.ru website.