Fourgon Est Jouef

Jouef 459


Dqd2 myi 49116 Est metallised luggage car

New in 1961

It’s almost a wreck! I had to borrow a bogie from a stainless coach for the photo.

See a copy in good condition on the Les trains Jouef website by Philippe Galaup.

I had repainted it in lighter green, and I recently read on the Rames internationales sur le Nord Loco-Revue topic that some luggage cars had been painted in bluish green to harmonize with the BB 16000 on Paris - Lille relations. So it was not a fancy on my part. But, according to this source (Pierre B), these were DPmyi OCEM ex Midi luggage.

Fourgon Est JouefFourgon Est Jouef