Willème LC610 tipper Colas

REE CB-065


Willème LC610 nicknamed “Shark nose” tipper Colas


Era III.

This is the Willème LC610 first generation, without air vents along the bonnet, so different from the photo of the prototype.

Very fine, as REE has accustomed us. Model obviously painted, painting a little less matt than on the Panhard. Photo-etched mirrors mounted. Wipers of the same material, so fine that one would think them moulded with the glazing!

The front axle is correctly represented by a curved connecting bar, without metal rod.

The tipper and its tailgate tilt. There is a tow hook to scale (and therefore normally not functional). Willème LC610 tipper lifted

One downside: the small windows (back of cab and door bottom) look a little like magnifying glass, but it is the ransom of the moulding.

There is a problem on the chassis length: in view of the wheelbase, it is a normal chassis. But in this case, the length dimension does not match. But, on the other hand, stretchers protruding at the back would prevent the tipper from tilting over. This is probably a variant adapted to civil engineering.

A second downside: the upper part of the thermoformed protective shell deforms the rear bumper. So don’t try to straighten it without having cut the shell at this place: that would be waste of time…

See Loco Revue forum.

The Willème LC610 was manufactured from 1952 to 1962, with evolutions, the most visible externally being the appearance of air vents on the front and then on the side of the bonnet.

Technical data: Willème 517 P6 diesel engine, 6 cylinders in-line, 13 450 cm3, power 129 kW (175 hp). Empty weight: 9.76 t; total permissible gross weight: 19.45 t.

The LC 610 is equipped with the so-called “shark nose” cab designed by Faget-Varnier and built by the Carrosserie de Levallois (source: guide-automobiles-anciennes.com).


Willème LC610 tipper Colas REEWillème LC610 tipper Colas REE

Short chassis length 7 075 81.3
Standard chassis length 8 455 97.2 89.7
Long chassis length 9 475 108.9
Super long chassis length 10 430 119.9
Cab length 3 475 39.9 39.5
Cab width 2 420 1 27.8 28.1
Cab height unladen 2 775 31.9 31.8
Chassis height unladen 1 165 13.4 13.7
Short wheelbase 4 450 51.1
Standard wheelbase 5 330 61.3 61.0
Long wheelbase 5 800 66.7
Super long wheelbase 6 500 74.7
1 930 22.2 22.0
1 810 20.8 21.0
1134 13.0 12.7
? 3.3
  Texts in grey: for information.
  1. Value measured on diagram, subject to caution.