Volvo F89 tractor Wiking

Volvo F89

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Volvo F89 tractor with 40 ft container transport semi-trailer

Cab finely engraved, but, apparently, rather treated at 1:90 scale. The windscreen, sur­mounted by a smoked sun visor, is flush — which is not the case of the side win­dows — and very transparent. The headlights are painted, but not the tail lights (neither the tractor’s nor the trailer’s). The cab tilts, but is difficult to put back in position: one is afraid to break something by forcing. There is no mirror.

The interior is moulded in a single block, including the steering wheel, which conse­quently has an “extruded” appearance.

As usual, the container is not NEM standard. Its dimensions do not comply with the ISO standard (it is too short). Its doors are opening. Registration: VOLU 42G1 421731-5.

The Volvo F89 was manufactured from 1971 to 1977. 6-cylinder in-line turbocharged Diesel motor TDA120 of 12 L, power 243 kW (330 hp). Tires 11.00 × 20”.

It seems that this lorry was particularly appreciated in Scandinavia (obviously), in Eastern Europe and in the Near and Middle East.

According to Volvo Trucks, the F88, the predecessor of the F89, is the first tilt-cab truck. However, it is more recent (1964) than the GMC series L which also have a tilt cab since 1960!


Volvo F89 tractor WikingVolvo F89 tractor Wiking

Volvo F89

Photo Krupp-fan (Edgar) on

Cab length 1 515 22.4 22.0
Cab width 2 476 28.5 27.4
Cab height 2 915 33.5 32.7
3 200 36.8 37.0
2 022 23.2 23.8
1 840 21.1 21.9
1008 11.6 11.9
279 3.2 3.0