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Simson KR51/1 1964 moped

Delivered in blue, not in yellow. Good! It will be easier to pass for a Mobylette.

The spokes are drawn on the transparent rims. The effect is quite successful. What is less is the stand, very coarse.

See photo back view.

photo Simson rear view

Simson was a German brand that ended up in the GDR after the last war. It ceased its activities in 2002. The KR51 is a mixture of scooter and moped (Schwalbe) (50 cm³ engine).

Quotation from simsonschwalbe.over-blog.

Produced from 1980 to 1986, the KR 51/2 is the ultimate evolution of the Schwalbe. It has a clutch pedal that replaces the manual clutch. The exhaust is now placed to the right to prevent drivers, especially female drivers, burn their legs while getting on. Indeed, it was found that the majority of the drivers were right-handed and thus got on their Schwalbe by the left. The KR R1/2 is available into three versions: KR R1/2 N, KR R1/2 E and KR R1/2 L.


Simson moped HerpaSimson moped Herpa

Simson moped

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