Saviem SG4 plateau SAI

Saviem SG2

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Igra-SAI 812


Saviem SG4 flatbed

Mirrors provided, but too big and no location indicated. No wiper, no door hinges, very visible on the original. Rear lights unpainted. The grille is inserted and leaves a visible space around it.

The side guards fitted to this model were only made compulsory at European level in 1989. See Directive 89/297 / EEC. They were therefore certainly not present in the 70s.


  • Rear lights painted red. Side protection bars removed. Aluminium film behind the headlights.
  • Mirrors set with ø 0.2 mm guitar string (holes drilled with ground guitar string). Small steps removed. Front wings painted blue.

The Saviem SG4 was manufactured from 1965 to 1978 in this version (before the arrival of the plastic grille), then until 1982.


Saviem SG4 flatbed SAISaviem SG4 flatbed SAI

Saviem SG2

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