Saviem SG2 Igra-SAI

SG2 van

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Igra-SAI 2910


Saviem SG2 elevated van

Glazing fitted into the body, including side and rear windows. Flexible tyres are mounted on flat-band rims and therefore do not deform. There is a minimum clearance on the axles. Wipers to mount are included in the box, as well as mirrors.

Raw plastic of granular appearance. Unpainted headlight surrounding. Several body stamps are missing on the sides of the van. The windscreen seems too enveloping and gives a magnifying effect. Rear lights, painted with a non-covering colour, will have to be reviewed. The wheel holes are not in the axis, so they are askew.


Mirrors and wipers mounted.

Model produced from 1965 to 1982. The model reproduced by Igra dates 1967 (new grille, rectangular headlights). In 1977, new wraparound grille in black plastic.


Saviem SG2 Igra-SAISaviem SG2 Igra-SAI

SG2 van

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