Saviem SG2 Brekina

Van SG2

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Brekina 14600 et 14602


Saviem SG2 van

Globally successful, but not at the level of other Brekina models of similar price (e.g. the Lada Niva).

The surrounding of the headlights is aluminium colour, while it should be chrome; moreover, this surrounding is too prominent. Neither the indicators nor the tail lights are inserted, nor the wipers that do not even protrude on the windscreen, and should be chrome and not black. Finally, mirrors, to mount, have supports too big, and are too thick. And, of course, you have to cut the box to store the equipped vehicle.

The chassis and body are assembled by three clips, one in the centre of the front bumper, the other two behind the rear wheel arches.

Model produced from 1965 to 1982. The model reproduced by Brekina dates 1967 (new grille, rectangular headlights). In 1977, new wraparound grille in black plastic.

Quotation from the Brekina leaflet.

The Société Anonyme des Véhicules Industriels et d’Équipements Mécaniques, abbreviated as SAVIEM, was founded in 1955 as a Renault commercial vehicle brand. The Renault Super Goélette SG2 replaces in June 1965 its predecessor, the Renault Goélette van, which corresponds in size and in demand to the Citroën H or the German competitors MB L 319 or Opel Blitz. In 1967, Saviem concluded a cooperation agreement with MAN in Germany. Now SAVIEM light vehicles are sold under the name of Münchner, until 1977. SAVIEM delivered slightly modified models until 1985. There were also manufacturing licences for this aged model until recently.


Saviem SG2 BrekinaSaviem SG2 Brekina

Van SG2

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