Renault-Saviem Galion Narwag-Norev

Renault-Saviem Galion

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Narwag-Norev 518580 (grey) et 518581 (light blue)


Renault Galion 1947


Overall correctness and good respect of the scale, except a concern on the overall length. Unpainted body (the tarpaulin is painted). Transparent headlights inserted, tail lights painted. Thermoformed windscreen.

The artillery type rims are well reproduced; they are not very visible, since they are black, but it is consistent. The radiator grille is very finely reproduced. The cab is furnished: seats, dashboard, steering wheel quite fine.

Some details that annoy: the tyres are irregular (flats on the flanks). There are no door panes. No mirrors either. The headlights are translucent but dark (no reflector) and are too prominent. The radiator grille doesn’t have the right number of bars (1 more); it had been reported by a member of the Loco Revue forum, perhaps too late… Finally, there are moulding irregularities under the right front wing, under the gutter, on the tarpaulin (for both copies).

On the grey copy, the bed doesn’t hold because of the fixing pins that can not fit into their housing. However, it is easy to remedy (see Modifications). It’s still Norev for manufacturing quality…

Finally, there is unfortunately a drawing error: the lower front corner of the door windows is almost sharp, while it should be much more rounded. In view of three-quarter front, this distorts the aspect, without one can say why at first. Pity.

In a comparable price range, the REE Panhard is still clearly above.


Bed placed into the correct position on the grey model by boring the mortises, under the bed, at ø 1.4 or 1.5 mm.

The Galion was produced from 1947 to 1957 under the Renault brand and until 1965 under the Saviem brand.

Features (model date?): four-cylinder in-line engine, Diesel 1997 cm³ 39 kW (53 hp). Also existed as a gasoline engine. Top speed 69 km/h. Unladen weight 2,300 kg; GVW (gross vehicle weight) 4,900 kg.


Renault-Saviem Galion 2500 kgRenault-Saviem Galion 2500 kg

Renault-Saviem Galion 2500 kgRenault-Saviem Galion 2500 kg

Renault-Saviem Galion

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Overall length 5 240 1 60.2 61.7
Cab width 1 980 22.8 22.4
Cab height 2 430 2 27.9 27.6
Tarpolin height 2 610 2 30.0 29.2
2 440 28.0 27.7
1 600 18.4 19.0
1 530 17.6 17.8
890 10.2 10.3
190 2.2 2.0
  1. With bed.
  2. Unladen.