Renault coach type R4190

Saviem coach type R4192

Anonymous photo on lespace-histo-bus-dauphinois.

REE CB-122


Renault coach type R4190.

Era III.

From the height, this coach is a 4191 rather than a 4190.

Very fine as usual. The headlights and side indicators are inserted; the rear lights are painted. The wipers and mirrors are photoetched metal parts. The headlights are still missing a silvering at the back for the illusion to be perfect.

A big novelty is that the front wheels are steerable. However, they have too much clearance for my taste, and are difficult to keep in the desired position.

The interior is brown. The dashboard and the steering wheel are detailed. The latter seems too high to me. See photo.Intérieur de l’autocar

The coach can be disassembled quite easily if you want to put passengers in it (picture): you have to unclip the ladder at roof level (1), then the top of the body by pressing on the sides (2). The front door remains in one piece (3) and slides into the lower body.Intérieur de l’autocar

I wish REE would make such vehicles for Era IV (1970s). There would be no shortage of material…

See Loco-Revue Forum.

This coach was produced from 1949 to 1957, with many changes, including the reduced height of the R4191 model as the previous one was too high for the gauge in use at the time.

Characteristics: 6 234 cm3, 6-cylinder Renault diesel engine, type R.568 / R.572; power: 105 / 120 hp. Empty weight 7,760 kg. Maximum speed 60 km/h.

The coach pictured is a Saviem R4192, the brand having changed at the end of 1955 when Latil, Renault and Somua merged to form the new Saviem brand (Société anonyme de véhicules industriels et d'équipements mécaniques).

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Renault R4190 REERenault R4190 REE

Saviem coach type R4192

Anonymous photo on lespace-histo-bus-dauphinois.

Renault R4190 REE, rear viewRenault R4190 REE, rear view

Saviem coach type R4192

Anonymous photo on lespace-histo-bus-dauphinois.

10 540 121.1 121.5
2 500 28.7 29.0
R4190 3 280 37.7
R4191 2 950 33.9 33.5
5 580 64.1 64.0
? 22.5
? 24.1
? 12.1
? 2.9