Jouef reference 932E.

Signal gantry

Accessory recently offered by a friend. The reference has two gantries. The first has a three-light boom, but only two bulbs. It has two terminal blocks on the base, to power a second boom. The other gantry is also equipped with a boom, but without any wiring, lamp or terminal, which would have made it very difficult to equip at the time by a young amateur.

The gantries have their metal parts (ladders, fixing between the mast and beam) rusted, but are generally very well-preserved, the handrails and boom attachments being made of unbreakable flexible material. It should be possible to replace the original incandescent bulbs, probably almost impossible to find today (well, yes, but at what price!), with LEDs, without much difficulty. This would require replacing the perforated brass bracket receiving the sockets with a small circuit board.

Signal gantrySignal gantry

Bulb x 3,
dimensions: 2.4 × 8.5 mm, several colours avail.
€9,98 per 3 — price 2018
ref. 49452x at FB Systems