Panhard Movic M REE

Panhard Movic M

Photo in “Camions de France” by J. Jeudy on

REE CB-018


Panhard Movic M tractor with single-axle semi-trailer.

Era III.

I thought there would be a historical leaflet as for the 231 K, but no…

No excessive axle clearance. No part remains to be assembled. It’s very fine: wipers, mirrors in photo-etching, front rings under bumpers, all recessed windows, very detailed wheels, etc. The semi-trailer has parking rollers hinged to a lorry that engages directly into the tractor coupling system.

Only possible reproach: the paint too matte. Without being bright, it could have been a little more lustrous.

Obviously, it’s about twice as expensive as Brekina, but the value is higher. Hoping that REE is also interested in the 60s and 70s, which does not seem to be the case, unfortunately (their next project is said to be a Willème LC610 called “Shark Nose”).

See Loco Revue forum.

Version manufactured from 1954 to 1958, according to Normofer’s blog.

Here is an article by Normofer, itself (I quote) “copied shamelessly from the magazine Camions d’autrefois”. Quotation: first part, second part.

The designation of lorry types at Panhard is complicated because there are three types of designations.

  1. Designation by type Mines.
    At Panhard, Mines types range from K1 to K225. We will meet for example a K162. An appellation of this kind determines both a Total Gross Weight and an engine. This designation is the one found on the vehicle’s nameplate (in the cab, passenger side).
  2. Telegraphic codes.
    In addition to the Kxxx names already presented, there is another naming system that corresponds to five-letter telegraph codes (and this, in order to limit the risk of error in the transmission of orders). For example, MOVIC is a cab-over lorry, 5 t load, while ZUVIC is a cab-over lorry, 7 t. This appellation is one of the most popular. Movic, Zuvic: everyone knows. There is more rare: Novic, for the 6 t load.
  3. Chassis.
    Finally, Panhard has a system for designating chassis frames. These names are for example IE45, IE45HL being in this case the variant “huile lourde” (gas-oil) of the IE45.

The three name systems coexist and, for example, a K65 can be an IE41, IE42 or IE42HL depending on its chassis frame. In the case of Novic (6 t), we have:

  • IE 30 = 6,675 m lowered chassis (length of girders);
  • IE 31 = 7,425 m lowered chassis;
  • IE 32 = 4.925 m straight chassis;
  • IE 33 = 6,675 m right chassis;
  • IE 34 = 9.075 m lowered chassis;
  • IE 35 = 4,425 m lowered chassis for semi-trailer tractor;
  • IE 36, 37, 38, 39 = three-axle chassis with Eaton double motor axle (IE 37 and 39 are tractors).

NB: For these ten models, the IE 30 to IE 39 chassis type does not specify the type of engine that can be a four-cylinder diesel 110×150 or 120×150, or a 105×150 petrol engine.


  • Wikipedia article Panhard.
  • Photos on Normofer’s blog.
    Note: if you cannot find photos of Panhard lorries on the specified page, look in the pages farther, because this blog renames the articles according to their seniority!

Panhard Movic M REEPanhard Movic M REE

Panhard Movic M

Photo in “Camions de France” by J. Jeudy on

Overall length 4 829 55.5 55,5 1
Cab width 2 300 26.4 26.5
Cab height 2 540 29.2 29.9
2 300 26.4 25.7
—  20.5
—  22.2
994 11.4 11.8
  1. Coupling parts excluded