NSU 1000 TT Busch

NSU 1000 TT

Photo Gwafton on commons.wikimedia.org.

Busch 47115


NSU 1000 TT 1965.

Unpainted model. Tail lights inserted (all red), but headlights curiously represented by grey paint pads on a chrome background: it’s ugly! The windows are very transparent and allow you to see that the steering wheel is too big: it touches the seat. Burrs on the tyres, visible in the photo.

Model to scale (except for wheels): it’s rare enough to be noted.

Most of the pictures, like the one that illustrates this article, show a chrome grille bar with a thin black line. The Busch model shows the opposite, which was the case of the previous Prinz model. So, it would be a wise mix, as often, to save on the mould and/or decoration.

The NSU TT was built, with variants, from 1965 to 1972, by NSU Motorenwerke (Neckarsulm Strickmaschinen Union).

Features (1965 model): four-cylinder engine, 1085 cm³, 40.5 kW (55 hp) DIN. Tyres 135-12. Top speed 150 km/h.

Note: on many photos, we can see the rear cover — that of the engine — ajar. Indeed, it appears that the engine cooling was very insufficient; this was the easy way to overcome this problem. I suppose that suitable kits were sold for this purpose. Busch did not reproduce this feature on the scale model…


NSU 1000 TT BuschNSU 1000 TT Busch

NSU 1000 TT

Photo Gwafton on commons.wikimedia.org.

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1 248 14.3 14.6
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