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Morgan Plus 8

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Morgan Plus 8 1969.

Unpainted model (except the wings). Although it is not obvious, there are two different shades of red, the darkest on the wings. Wing mirrors are delivered in parts to be assembled. But, actually, the mirrors are mounted on the doors, and indicators are on the wings at the planned location of mirrors.

The scale is rather 1:84.

The tyres seem far too wide — in fact, it’s mostly the difference between the diameter, too small, and the width, a bit too big, that gives this impression. In addition, a rear tyre has a big hernia: it’s not wise to ride with such a powerful car and such a defective tyre!

The grille is roughly represented and the headlights are much too small. Let’s not talk about joins between parts.

Model not really good.

The Morgan Plus 8 succeeded the 4 in 1968 by receiving a Rover V8 engine.

Features (1968 model): V-shaped eight-cylinder engine, 3532 cm³, 125 kW (170 hp). 185/70 VR tyres 15. Top speed 210 km/h.

Here is an attempt to translate the Busch notice sheet.

Founded in 1909 by Harry Frederick Morgan Stanley, the British car factory Morgan Motor Company is the only company in the world that still uses ash wood in sports car construction. This manufacturing technique dates back to the early days of automotive construction and has survived to this day. After the death of the founder in 1959, his son Peter Morgan took over management and continued the policy of the house with great consistency; the Morgan Plus 8 was released under his direction. This noble jewel was presented to the public in October 1968 at the London Motor Show. The biggest difference from its predecessor, the Plus 4, was the 8-cylinder engine […].

The bodywork has hardly changed, except for the wing integrated headlights — the new price was DM 16,192.00 in 1968. The still private company is headed by Charles Morgan of the third generation. In 2009, it celebrated its 100th birthday and will continue to delight its fan base with its beautiful vehicles. At least some 1,000 cars are built each year, giving the company a turnover of about 48 million euros, the second biggest market for this brand being Germany.


Morgan Plus 8 BuschMorgan Plus 8 Busch

Morgan Plus 8

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