Autobus MB O307 Brekina

Brekina 50600


Mercedes-Benz O 307 bus

The side windows are flush. The interior layout is quite detailed. It just lacks some paint (grey or brown) on the floor. Mirrors (to be mounted) are specific and have a silver “mirror”. There is no space in the packaging shell to protect them. So I had to cut it.

Made from 1970 to 1987 according to Wikipedia (in German). It had a 210 hp engine increased to 240 hp in 1977.

Loco-Revue No. 388 of November 1977, p. 592, presents a Wiking model of the MB O 305, very similar (there is just one less window), a copy of which would have circulated on RATP line 75 in Paris.

Presentation by Brekina.

A brand-new city bus was developed by Daimler-Benz under the designation O305. The regular service bus, built in 1972, was named O307. The main customers were the Post Office and the Railway, but also many other regional transport companies. Since the mid-80s, the O307 has continued in parallel with its modern successor the O407.

MB O307 technical characteristics: self-supporting structure. Length 11.81 mm, 14 rows of seats. Rear engine type OM 407 h six-cylinder 11.4 litres, 210 hp, then from 1977, 11.8 litres, 240 hp.