MB 1625 van Roskopf

MB 1625 van

Anonymous photo.

Roskopf 712


Mercedes-Benz 1625 van

Faded box, paint poorly applied on the cab. Many moulding burrs. At the rear, the body is not properly glued to the chassis and is more than a millimetre apart. Opening tailgate.

Miniatures presented in Loco-Revue:

  • No. 390 of January 1978: MB 1632 (similar cab) Kibri ref. 10021 “tridem” (3-axle) semi-trailer.
  • No. 521 of December 1989: MB 1625 Herpa Car Transport.


Case glued correctly; mirrors mounted; headlights silvered; rear lights painted red; wipers painted black; axles shortened to 24 mm to reduce the clearance.

According to Roskopf, the MB 1625 has a power of 250 hp (184 kW) and a total weight in charge of 16 t. According to the blog de magnum31gb, its cab would have appeared around 1973.


MB 1625 van RoskopfMB 1625 van Roskopf

MB 1625 van

Anonymous photo.