Magirus M150 bus Brekina

Magirus-Deutz M150

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Brekina 59509


Magirus-Deutz 150 R 12

The side windows are not flush. The interior layout is simplistic. But the appearance is nice. The mirrors (to be mounted) are the Brekina “classics”; there is space in the packaging shell to protect them!

View left side.

Magirus M150 left sid

According to Brekina: type M 150 R12, produced from 1965 to 1968. 11.5 metre vehicle available in travel coach, interurban or local bus. Self-supporting structure with air suspension providing the best driving comfort. Rear engine, air-cooled, six-cylinder Deutz type F 6 L 714 with a power of 150 hp.


Magirus M150 BrekinaMagirus M150 Brekina

Magirus-Deutz M150

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