Griffet crane Haxo

Griffet crane

Photo A1AA1A on wikimedia at the Cité du Train.

Haxo 47088


Griffet crane


Received seven months after the order, after many reminders. The seller answered every other time my emails, and pretended problems with his suppliers. Honesty would have liked it to indicate the unavailability of this product on the Haxo website.

Model kit (resin, white metal and photo-etched brass). First impression not favourable: the resin parts have many defects (the mould seems very tired, see e.g. rear mudguards), the white metal parts are poorly engraved (some are missing), and the user manual (of older model, with handwritten addition of some hastily scribbled sentences!) shows photos of very poor quality, practically unusable.

Gag: the manufacturer boasts that we can see with a magnifying glass the abbreviation Berliet engraved on the tank cap (user manual, photo 9)! But there is no need for magnifying glass to see all the rude or failed details: door hinges, steps, mudguards, air vents, etc. The hoist, a complex piece in reality, would have gained a lot in photo-etching instead of white metal.

After claiming and returning defective parts, I received others after another month, some of which (resin) still had defects. I did not insist.

The fixing parts of the spare wheel are not provided.

Given Haxo’s reputation, I was expecting a certain quality. All this is not serious, even for a craftsman who does everything by himself. And it disgusted me for a long time of the resin kit.


In the photo, I cheated a little: I suggested the windows, while I did not put them, the proposed glazing being a piece of thermoformed plastic that I was unable to mount.

On the other hand, I wired the lifting of the jib with EZ Line elastic thread, which allows to lower the jib, as in the photo above, or to raise it, as on these: photo 1, photo 2.

Griffet crane jib raised Griffet crane jib raised

The chains mounted on the lifting yoke are original Builders In Scale, finer (16 links per cm) than those delivered with the kit.

This is my first experience of airbrush painting, and I’m not too bad out. The beginner’s chance? The following tests were less convincing…

See also the Loco-Revue Forum.


Filling with Sintofer then touch up painting of the cab following fall and breakage.

7-tonne type 745 crane. Dates of manufacture unknown.


  • Photo taken from the 1972 SNCF booklet, page 27, where we see a roll-top wagon being loaded with a Griffet crane, which has a different jib, welded mesh. Chargement d’un wagon Taems avec une Griffet crane
  • Photos of various mobile cranes on Griffet crane
  • Video (7 MB) from Le Magazine du Rail No. 21 of a demonstration at the 1958 Brussels International Fair. We see the evolution of a Griffet crane loading containers on a wagon. See the video.

Griffet crane HaxoGriffet crane Haxo

Griffet crane

Photo A1AA1A on wikimedia at the Cité du Train.

Black chain 40 links per inch, L= 46 cm
Ref. Builders In Scale BS-250
€5,02 at micro-modele