Ford Fiesta PCX87

Ford Fiesta

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Ford Fiesta 1976 (first generation)

Nice model with a well applied glossy paint job, except for a small defect on the right side of the bonnet.

The scale is correct, except for the excessive width of the tyres (+30%!), which is a very common defect.

The headlights and front indicators are inserted, as well as the exterior mirrors and bumpers. Painted rear lights. Glossy light brown interior, black dashboard. The steering wheel is unfortunately moulded with the dashboard and without any detail: it is a simple disc, but this is not very visible. A curious choice, when the other models of the brand I own have a correct steering wheel.

The windscreen and rear window are flush. The windscreen wipers (front and rear) are moulded half with the body, and half with the windscreen. They are thin, and painted black.

The Ford Fiesta first generation was produced from 1976 to 1983, in Germany for the European version. It was available with two engine sizes: 957 cm3 and 1117 cm3.

Specifications (1976 1.1 version): three-door, front-wheel drive, in-line four-cylinder engine, 1117 cm3, 32 kW (52 hp) DIN. Tyres 145 SR 12. Top speed 144 km/h. Unladen weight 715 kg.


Ford Fiesta PCX87Ford Fiesta PCX87

Ford Fiesta

Anonymous photo on stubs-auto.fr.

Ford Fiesta PCX87, vue arrièreFord Fiesta PCX87, vue arrière

Ford Fiesta

Anonymous photo on stubs-auto.fr.

3 565 41.0
1 567 18.0
1 360 15.6
2 286 26.3
1 334 15.3
1 321 15.2
543 6.2
145 1.7