Commer van Matchbox

Commer BF van

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Matchbox 69


“Nestlé’s” van

Model appeared in 1959, replaced in 1965 with the Hatra charger, according to the Moko Lesney Matchbox Toy Collecting website.

Scale given in the catalogue: 1:75 in 1965, then 1:85 from 1966 (?) for numbers 47 and 62, very similar. However, based on recent information (2020) found on, the most likely scale would be 1:91. See the table below.

For this model and others as old, the respect of the original is far from ridiculous, if only equipped with correct wheels…


Recent improvements:

  • Red spray paint.
  • Headlight lenses, panes, bumpers painted.
  • Wiking wheels (a little too small).

This is the Commer BF. No information on manufacturing dates, but at least from 1957 to 1962.

It is the Commer BF of the English group Rootes. Available in petrol (56 hp) or Diesel (48 hp) engine. No information on the dates of manufacture, but at least from 1957 to 1962.


Commer van MatchboxCommer van Matchbox

Commer, original aspect

Original appearance (photo

Commer BF van

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mm Ratio
80 7/8 2 054 22.4 91.7
123 3 124 34.3 91.2