Citroën Méhari Norev

Citroën Méhari

Photo Citroën.

Norev 150950 et 150951


Citroën Méhari 1978

Three copies: white, yellow, orange. The hood is exaggeratedly raised towards the rear and prevents the loading on the first level of the car trailers.

In view of the grille, of the bonnet’s front end and of the indicators, the model reproduced by Norev is from 1978.


Tyre width reduced.


The Mehari was produced from 1968 to 1987, in Bezons (near Paris) the first year, then abroad (Belgium, Spain, Portugal).

The body was made of ABS. Its colours, for the first years (1968-1977), were red, light green, dark green, orange and dark beige.

The vintages before 1978 are recognizable by the fact that the Citroën symbol (the double chevron) is on the horizontal part of the bonnet, while later, it is on the front vertical part. The front indicators, which were round and on the side of the headlights, become rectangular and pass underneath. The grille becomes lower.

Features (1978 model): air-cooled two-cylinder flatbed engine, 602 cm³, 21 kW (28 hp) DIN. Tyres 135/15. Max speed 96 km/h.


Citroën Méhari NorevCitroën Méhari Norev

Citroën Méhari

Photo Citroën.

Citroën Méhari

Citroën Méhari


3 520 40.5 41.3
1 530 17.6 17.6
1 635 18.8 19.7
2 400 27.6 27.2
1 260 14.5 13.1
1 260 14.5 13.3
602 6.9 7.3
135 1.6 1,9 1
  1. After tyre reduction.