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Citroën H


It’s a key ring! Weight (to be taken into account if wagon loading): 35/30 g with/without the key ring.

Metal model, with many small moulding defects. This is a model before 1963 (two-part wind screen, small rear window). The front bumper is crooked. Glazing really too set back. The rear wheels’ axle will have to be shortened, because they protrude from the wings.

Better than its colleagues Busch and Atlas concerning the position of the wind screen and the front doors. It also has the correct number of corrugations on the doors (I did not check for the other parts). The rear lights are correct, but the front indicators have been forgotten (for a model from 1961), as well as the exterior mirrors.

See the comparative picture of Citroën  H Busch, Atlas, Eligor and Wiking.

Comparaison des Citroën H


Key ring removed; light bonding with 100% Pattex glue at the back, where the tongue has been trimmed. Bumper’s gape removed by milling the threaded column. Axles bars shortened.

The Citroën H van was produced from 1948 to 1981. Large rear windows in 1963, single wind screen (replacing the split one) in 1964, rectangular rear wings in 1969.

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Citroën H EligorCitroën H Eligor

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