Citroën H Busch

Dutch Citroën H

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Busch 41909


Citroën H van

Fancy mirrors. This model is a hybrid of type “Benelux” (thick steps, longer rear overhang, but with doors opening in the “right” direction), and standard type (doors opening in the “wrong” direction). See forum-auto, page 439.

Sheet metal corrugations too big and in insufficient number (11 instead of 16 on the front door for example). Headlights curiously black. The door windows don’t mount high enough (they should be at the same level as the wind screen).

See the comparative picture of Citroën  H Busch, Atlas, Eligor and Wiking.

Comparaison des Citroën H


Mirrors lightened (lower bar removed). Air vents painted black, chevrons silver and headlights aluminium.

Here is a photo before modification.

Citroën H avant modification

The Citroën H van was produced from 1948 to 1981. Large rear windows in 1963, single wind screen (replacing the split one) in 1964, rectangular rear wings in 1969 (case of the photo).

According to, there are models with normal wheelbase and extended rear overhang of 0.6 m. But it seems that the Benelux type is less extended than that.


Citroën H BuschCitroën H Busch

Citroën H Hollande

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4 278 1 49.2 50.5
1 960 22.4 22.6
2 291 26.3 25.8
2 518 28.9 29.0
1 628 18.7 20.0
1 660 19.1 20.0
700 8.1 7.6
190 2.2 1.8
  1. Dimension not valid for Benelux model with extended back.