Citroën H Atlas

Old Citroën H

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Citroën H 1960 and H “Miko ice cream” 1962

This is an old van model: wind screen in two parts, small oval window in the back, etc. (case of the photo). Under these conditions, the grey model should not have the short, newer chevrons on its grille.

No mirrors. The door window (and the door itself) is obviously too low. The air vents of the engine bonnet have been forgotten on the Miko. The headlights have no transparent optics and are also too low. The tyres are too wide, but it does not show too much.

Mass (to be taken into account if wagon loading): 28 g.

See the comparative picture of Citroën  H Busch, Atlas, Eligor and Wiking.

Comparaison des Citroën H

The Citroën H van was produced from 1948 to 1981. Large rear windows in 1963, single wind screen (replacing the split one) in 1964, rectangular rear wings in 1969.


Citroën H AtlasCitroën H Atlas

Old Citroën H

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