Bernard TD150 BoS Models

Bernard TD150 tractor

Photo Rudi Wöll on baumaschinenbilder.de.

BoS Models 87256S


Bernard TD150

This tractor is sold in a display box with a transparent cover. It is screwed to the base!

The general appearance is good. The scale is fairly well respected. The difference in the length of the cab is probably due to the fact that the cab is different, probably a sleeper cab.

There is something annoying on closer inspection: the windows. They are made of thin plexiglass, which is glued to the cabin from the outside. With this method, even the slightest cutting error results in a deformation of the glass that is very visible with the reflections. On the other hand, the gluing is random. On the photos, you can see a rear corner window that is already halfway detached. The other one disappeared during the photo shoot.

The mirrors are photoetched. The headlights are translucent. The typical grille is rendered quite well, although the surround is not chromed, but only painted in aluminium. The Bernard logo on the radiator and the Camions Bernard marking on the bonnet side oare fine and clearly readable.

The interior layout is neat. The photoetched steering wheel is too thin and flat…

I had imagined that the handrails on the bonnet and the wings would be inserted, but they are not. A DIY idea?

The Vélosolex semi-trailer, of Brekina origin, is in a separate case. Its decoration is obviously inspired by the photo below. The tractor is here equipped with a Cottard cab, the design of which one may not appreciate, even for the 1950s…

All in all, this lorry is expensive for its finish, especially when they call themselves Best of Show! In the same price range, REE does much better.

Camions Bernard was a French lorry manufacturer that existed from 1923 to 1963. Production was then taken over by Mack Trucks, but was discontinued in 1967.

TD 150: production dates unknown. Engine 150 hp, total rolling weight 35 tonnes. Pelpel cabin.


Bernard TD150 BoS ModelsBernard TD150 BoS Models, rear view

Bernard TD150 BoS ModelsBernard TD150 BoS Models

Bernard TD180 tractor

Photo Rudi Wöll on baumaschinenbilder.de.

Bernard tractor with Vélosolex trailerBernard tractor with Vélosolex trailer

Bernard tractor with Vélosolex trailer

Photo Collection Anne Antraigue on baumaschinenbilder.de.

1 1:87
6 145 2 70.7 72.7
6 845 3 78.7
of cab 3 020 4 34.7 38.0
of cab 2 495 28.7 28.3
of cab 2 730 31.4 31.3
3 800 2 43.7 43.6
4 500 3 51.7
1 970 22.6 24.0
1 850 21.3 20.8
1 100 4 12.6 12.2
300 4 3.4 3.0
  1. TD180 type
  2. Short 38 series
  3. Long 45 series
  4. Approximate