Berliet Stradair brewer Tchoutchou

Berliet Stradair

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Tchoutchou CHO030


Berliet Stradair flat bed brewer

Mounted kit. This is an extra long 4 m wheelbase chassis.

On delivery, the lorry already has a broken slatted side upright. Satin paint is not very smooth; in fact, it is due to a lack of polishing of the raw body. There are un-eliminated burrs around the window frames, provided with Plexiglas (not embedded). So difficult to clean.

The cab is poorly treated: bumper not high enough, cab bottom truncated, no rounded wheel arches. No rear-view mirrors, no wipers, no steering wheel. Radiator grille and headlamps replaced (or not) with totally incongruous silver stickers. X-shaped reinforcement of the frame not reproduced. The wheel axes are drilled skew; they are therefore bended. Here is a comparative picture. Either there were two different cabs, or the model is a caricature!

Cab comparison

All that for twice the price of a Brekina equivalent model. But it’s craft, and it has the merit of existing, hasn’t it?

The Berliet Stradair, which is a medium-sized lorry adapted to deliveries, was produced from 1965 to 1970, with about 6,000 units sold. Diesel engine 4 in-line cylinders, 5,880 cm³, 88 kW (120 hp DIN). Unladen weight 5 t, gross weight 8,5 t. Maximum speed 110 km/h.

Despite of, or perhaps because of its very innovative design and style, it has not been very successful. It was fitted with a “revolutionary” suspension incorporating Airlam air cushions which caused problems of reliability.


Berliet Stradair brewer TchoutchouBerliet Stradair brewer Tchoutchou

Berliet Stradair

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8 220 94.5 88.8
Cab length 2 140 24.6 24.8
Cab width 2 192 25.2 25.3
Cab height (unladen) 2 352 27.0 26.5
Chassis height (loaded) 750 8.6 10.4
Front cantilever 1 820 20.9 22.0
4 000 46.0 46.2
1 860 21.4 21.0 1
1 726 19.8 19.5 1
880 2 10.1 10.5
188 2 2.2 2.6
  1. After shortening the axles.
  2. Approximate dimensions.