Berliet GLR8 Margnat tank Brekina

Berliet GLR8

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Brekina 85306


Berliet GLR8

Very good respect of scale.

Nothing special compared to the previous except the lines on the bonnet that are more visible. We also see better the headlights on the dark painting. The tank seems to me more suitable for petroleum products than for wine, viewing the photos of “pinardiers” 1 (wine transporters), whose tank is narrower, has a kind of longitudinal gutter, and has fewer filling traps (normally two or three maximum), as can be seen here.

  1. “Pinard” is a slang French word which means “Low quality wine”.

The Berliet GLR8 was produced from 1950 to 1960 in the rounded bonnet form.

I made an attempt of translating the Brekina notice sheet (with Google’s help ?). See this translation.

The French brand Berliet is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles. In 1980, it is part of the Renault group. The GLR 8 is a lorry in the 14 t gross weight category, and it debuted in the late 1940s. Surprisingly, the cab design is not unlike that of the German Krupp. Under the short bonnet, there is a diesel engine 5-cylinder MDU type, 120 hp and 7.9 litres of displacement.


Berliet GLR8 Margnat tank BrekinaBerliet GLR8 Margnat tank Brekina

Berliet GLR8

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7 635 87.8 87.7
Cab length 2 660 30.6 30.6
Cab width 2 430 27.9 27.9
Cab height 2 520 29.0 28.5
Side beam height 930 10.7 11.3
4 400 50.6 51.0
1 950 22.4 23.1
1 873 21.5 21.5
1 110 1 12.8 12.8
250 2.9 3.2
  1. Approximate size.