Alfa Romeo Alfasud Herpa

Alfa-Romeo Alfasud

Anonymous photo on Wikimedia.

Herpa 024549-002


Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1972

It’s Magic, cheap, but very correct for the price. In particular, the wind shield and the rear window are flush. The headlights and tail lights are painted, which is not the case for the Renault 4 bought at the same time for twice as much! Difficult to understand… The tyres look too thick, but that’s because the rims are not painted on a large enough diameter.

However, there is a problem: the Herpa is a two-door car. Now, I quote the guide-des-gti, … the new Ti 1.2 litre is the only one to benefit from a 2-door variant. No disruption compared to the rest of the range, but the Ti stands out in the details. The more visible to note is the new light units with two round headlights (iodine) at the front (with a matte black mask matching the grille), a mat black spoiler that overlooks the boot. View photo. None of this is visible on the Herpa version.Alfasud Ti 2-door

The Alfasud was produced in Southern Italy, near Naples, from 1972 to 1980 (before restyling).

Features (1972 model): four-cylinder flatbed (boxer) engine, 1186 cm³, 46 kW (63 hp) DIN. 145 SR 13 tyres. Top speed 150 km/h approx.


Alfa Romeo Alfasud HerpaAlfa Romeo Alfasud Herpa

Alfa-Romeo Alfasud

Anonymous photo on Wikimedia.

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