Electronics and Programming

On Earth, there are 10 kinds of people: those who know the binary and those who don’t.

Batteries and Chargers

I recently discovered that there are batteries (for my flash for example) that are not empty when you need them! Yes! Here is an article for the ignorant like me a little time before…

Radio Transmission for Lenz Remote

I have been thinking for a long time using a wireless control for my test layout which is rather extensive…

Programming the REE DU65

I recently bought (end of 2017) a DU65 REE analog track inspection car. This model was expected for long time, and I had bought a convenient Zimo decoder at least two years ago! Here is its implementation.

A Power Tank for the REE Shunter

If the sound version of this pretty model is equipped with a “power pack” that allows it to overcome all power supply faults, this is obviously not the case for the “analogue” version equipped with a not sounded decoder. Here is a “power pack” for the poor…

I begin with KiCad

Professional quality circuits are becoming very accessible. However, to use professional services, professional documents must be provided. The use of specialized software is therefore essential.

Voltage multiplier

This is about to power a coach lighting. A voltage multiplier not only reduces the current, but also allows the use of smaller capacitors for flicker protection.