Electronics and Programming

On Earth, there are 10 kinds of people: those who know the binary and those who don’t.

Batteries and Chargers

I recently discovered that there are batteries (for my flash for example) that are not empty when you need them! Yes! Here is an article for the ignorant like me a little time before…

Radio Transmission for Lenz Remote

I have been thinking for a long time using a wireless control for my test layout which is rather extensive…

Programming the REE DU65

I recently bought (end of 2017) a DU65 REE analog track inspection car. This model was expected for long time, and I had bought a convenient Zimo decoder at least two years ago! Here is its implementation.

A Power Tank for the REE Shunter

If the sound version of this pretty model is equipped with a “power pack” that allows it to overcome all power supply faults, this is obviously not the case for the “analogue” version equipped with a not sounded decoder. Here is a “power pack” for the poor…