Programming the route VOIE 1

What is the purpose of the route VOIE 1?

Looking at the synoptic, let’s see what must happen when you press the button VOIE 1 (track 1). For this, let’s follow the lighted yellow LEDs.

Synoptic-Track 1

From the entry into the zone, bottom right, the turnout A must go to (or remain into) the diverging position — red light side; D must be placed (or remain) in the direct position — green light side, as well as F. The other turnouts position doesn’t matter for this route and is therefore indifferent.

How do we program the route VOIE 1?

Each turnout being controlled by a relay with inverter contact, the resting position is (arbitrarily) assigned to the direct track and the working position to the diverging track. Let’s make the table of positions by replacing Rest by 0 (zero), Work by 1 and Indifferent by X.

Turnout A B C D E F G
Coil Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
Position Diverg. Indif. Indif. Direct Indif. Direct Indif.
Route VOIE 1 1 X X 0 X 0 X
Turnout A B C D
Coil Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Position Diverging Indif. Indif. Direct
Route VOIE 1 1 X X 0
Turnout E F G
Coil Q5 Q6 Q7
Position Indif. Direct Indif.
Route VOIE 1 X 0 X

If you remember that the programmable module output for controlling turnout A (for example) is called Q1 and is in the form of a bistable relay, setting this output to 1 consists in momentarily energizing the coil SQ1 (Set Q1). Setting the outputs D and F to 0 consists of momentarily energizing the coils RQ4 (for D) and RQ6 (for F). This gives: