Eaos open wagon SAI

E81 sand open wagon

Photo Patrick Sambourg on wagons-europe.fr.

SAI 1575


Eaos 81.2 transport of sand

UIC number Revision date
31 87 534 x 802-0 20.9.85

52/93 g without/with load (NEM: 64 to 83 g). 72 g with new sand load.

Incomplete registration, identical wheel numbers on each side! Underframe marking: Liliput by Bachman.

The car is rather treated to 1:85 scale (dimensions in red).

Opening doors, spring buffers, but buffer heads are skew. Load of real sand, so not to scale. It would require much more finely sieved sand or other product in fine powder.

Moulded Y25 bogies Y25; misplaced brake shoes.

The elongation return system seems unreliable (plastic spring, return by bogie).

This wagon could be returned to the normal type, and registered in sub-series 2 850 to 5 343: 31 87 534 3 802-3 E8.02 (in red, the figures to be changed).

See the Loco-Revue Forum à propos des Eaos SNCF. Quotation from Pierre B., page 2 of this thread: “The body of the Liliput model is of a CFF wagon”.


  • Brake wheels (not compliant) painted yellow.
  • Bogie straightened; ø 10.7 wheels replaced with ø 10.4.
  • “Sand” load remade with 10 mm thick extruded polystyrene and diluted wood glue sprinkled with wood powder. The iron sheet ballast is integrated into polystyrene.
Wagon Eaos SAI chargé de sable

It is presumably a 72 m3 type built in 1972/74. The transformation into a “sand” type seems to have begun only after 1980.


Photo of Eaos wagon

Eaos open wagon SAIEaos open wagon SAI

E81 sand open wagon

Photo Patrick Sambourg on wagons-europe.fr.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 14 040 161.4 165.0
Chassis length 12 800 147.1 149.2
Body width 3 040 34.9 35.6
Height 3 250 37.4 38.2 1
Pivot distance 9 000 103.4 102.8
Bogie wheelbase 1 800 20.7 20.8
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.7 2
  1. With ø 10.4 wheels.
  2. Original wheels.