Nord 1933 covered wagon AMF 87

Nord 1933 covered wagon

Cliché SNCF

Brand - Reference

AMF 87 K282


Glm 1.62 (ex-Nord rebuilt 1933)

UIC number Revision date
Not chosen yet


43 g (NEM: 37 to 48 g).


Nickel silver and brass kit, supposed for beginner.

The assembly is not very difficult provided you know the soldering techniques, and especially you find at each step how to hold the parts properly. In general, the parts fit together perfectly without the need for adjustment, except for the chassis side beams and side upright tenons a little too long.

The manual is not designed for beginners: many steps are skipped; the indicated operation order is sometimes questionable. It would be good that the parts are numbered, either directly on the etched plate (there is space enough), or on a drawing reproducing this plate.

The disadvantage, as with any photo-etched kit, is that all parts are flat. It is advantageous to replace some by round section parts: brake linkage and spring, buffer handles, coupling shackles for example.

The wheels, made of a plastic spoked hub and a metal tyre, are beautiful, but require gluing the tyres which otherwise tend to get out.

The supplied axle boxes are Nord Isothermos, whereas, according to the Loco-Revue sheet, these wagons were equipped with unified boxes, as in the photo opposite. But the manufacturer says he has photos of wagons equipped with Isothermos. If this is the case, we can think that these units were the first to be withdrawn, and therefore did not know the UIC marking.

The dimensions are almost all curiously reduced from 1.2 to 1.8 mm.


See the article Building the AMF87 Nord covered wagon.


These wagons come from old Nord covered wagons dating from 1896 to 1909, rebuilt in welded sheet metal by the Nord Railways Workshops from 1933 to 1938 (source: Loco-Revue sheet). There were 612 left in 1968 (source: Ferrovissime).

Probably only few of these wagons received the UIC numbering, since they were all removed from the commercial fleet in 1969.


  • Nord and SNCF before 1949: KKzu (w) 256 831 to 259 149;
  • SNCF after 1949: Kz (Lz) 400 831 to 403 149 (1) or 400 834 to 403 446 (2);
  • UIC: 21 87 103 4 000-9 to 103 4 958-8 (1) or 999-2 (2) Glm 1.62.
  1. According to Loco-Revue sheet No. 252/31969 - 69 a21.
  2. According to Ferrovissime Special issue No. 7 Les trains de marchandises sur les lignes secondaires, p. 67.

Manufacturers: Saint-Denis, Blanc-Misseron, Anzin, Lunéville, Ateliers du Nord

General characteristics: floor area 17.7 m2; usable length 6.95 m; tare 9.5 t (without brake) to 11.2 t (with air brake); maximum load 21.5 t; star charge in G. V (High Speed) 12 t. Unified axle boxes U1A with plain bearings.


  • Loco-Revue sheet No. 252/31969 - 69 a 21 former series (picture above).
  • Loco-Revue No. 504 of May 1988, p. 398 Dossier wagons.
  • Diagram on the Le wagon européen website.
  • Ferrovissime Special issue No. 7 of 1st half-year 2017 Les trains de marchandises sur les lignes secondaires (Goods trains on secondary lines), p. 66-67. There can be seen the picture of the wagon No. 21 87 103 4 021-5, without brake.

Nord 1933 covered wagon AMF 87Nord 1933 covered wagon AMF 87

Nord 1933 covered wagon

Photo SNCF.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 8 084 92.9 92.9
Chassis length 6 950 79.9 78.2
Body width (headstocks) 2 520 29.0 27.7
Body width (doors) 2 726 31.3 30.1
Height 4 080 46.9 45.6
Wheelbase 4 000 46.0 45.8
Wheel diameter 1 050 12.1 12.0