USA TC tank wagon Roco

USA TC tank wagon Simotra

Photo Simotra.

Brand - Reference

Roco 76775


36 m3 1944 USA Transportation Corps type tank wagon

Registration Revision date
DB München 3636 13.2.67


40 g (NEM: 57 to 74 g). 54 g after ballasting.


Former Klein Modellbahn production. The main dimensions (the ones I know anyway) are correct, except the wheels a little too big. Original Bettendorf bogies respected.

I intend transforming this wagon into French version.

This wagon is easily dismantled: nothing is glued. The tank ends are simply fitted into the body, which will facilitate installing a ballast and transforming. The drawbars, whose body is too thin and which are not held, bend when attempting to couple (with Profi Fleischmann coupling heads).

See the Loco-Revue Forum:


  • Bachmann wheels on original axles.
  • Tank straps replaced with EZ-Line thread.
  • Ballasting of 14 g with ø 9 steel bar.
  • Painting chassis, bogies, and wheels with a mixture of Humbrol Enamel, 4 parts of grey No. 224 and 1 part of rust No. 113.


Brought to France by the US Army in 1944, these wagons were acquired by various European administrations at the end of the war.


  • Photos on the SIMOTRA (VTG) website. Look for the file diapo_simotra_cd0400-08.pdf. The wagon is in the SNCF registration of the 1950s, and is equipped with a steam heater (photo opposite).
  • Loco-Revue forum.
  • Photos of Marcus59 on

USA TC tank wagon RocoUSA TC tank wagon Roco

USA TC tank wagon Simotra

Photo Simotra.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 12 400 142.5 142.6
Chassis length 130.2
Chassis width 27.8
Dome height 45.2 1
Tank height 39.6 1
Tank diameter 24.1
Pivot distance 8 300 95.4 95.2
Bogie wheelbase 1 676 (?) 19.3 19.2
Wheel diameter 838 9.6 9.6 2
  1. With Bachmann wheels; at the origin: + 0.2.
  2. Bachmann wheels; at the origin: ø 10.0.