A9 UIC verte REE


Photo Michel Lavertu on railfaneurope.net.

REE VB-098-2


A9 UIC 62 type in green livery

UIC number Revision date
51 87 19-70 324-2 2 24.10.71
Home base: Le Landy

130 g (NEM: 113 to 146 g)

Very correct appearance, many details: towing hooks, small handles near doors, mounted electric heating cables, etc. The junction between body and roof is oore discreet than on the first series. Obviously, more care has been taken in mounting. Other clues: there is no longer a bogie damper loose nor a missing handle.

The exterior of the window frames is painted in green, the interior in aluminium.

The wheels have 0.8 mm flanges. It will be difficult to disassemble the axles (for the current pickup), because they are surrounded by the brake linkage (very detailed).

There are on one side of the chassis two bosses meant to ensure a 2-point suspension (the third point being the ball of the opposite side bogie), but these bosses don’t bear on the bogie! They should be thicker by an average of 0.15 mm. And, on the other hand, there is very little clearance in rolling to the ball side: the secondary suspension spring heads quickly come into stop on the chassis beams.

The gangways, very thin and in metal, don’t stand vertical. Must be glued if you don’t want to lose one!

The painting is a bit fuzzy: there are traces of greasy appearance difficult to clean with a fabric.



  • 3-point suspension restored by interposition of 0.3 mm spacers glued on the bogie frame, bosses side.
  • Lighting with LEDs controlled by latching reed switch.

Cars built according to the UIC specifications (Y type), 24.5 m long, delivered from 1965 to 1970 by De Dietrich and CIMT Lorraine, for a total of 184 units. UIC numbers 51 87 19-70 301-x to 330-x for the UIC 62 type (30 units).


A9 UIC verte REEA9 UIC verte REE


Photo Michel Lavertu on railfaneurope.net.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 24 500 281.6 282.5
Chassis length 23 200 266.7 266.5
Body width 2 880 33.1 33.4
Height 4 050 46.6 46.2 1
Pivot distance 17 200 197.7 197.3
Bogie wheelbase 2 300 26.4 26.5
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.6
  1. On average 46.5 after rectification of the seat.