Green A4c4B5c5x UIC REE

A4c4B5c5x UIC car

Anonymous photo on forum e-train.

REE VB-185 and VB-188


A4c4B5c5x UIC 66 type in green livery and UIC 67 in C160 livery.

UIC number Revision date
51 87 44-70 277-1 4 17.9.71
Home base: Bordeaux
51 87 44-70 334-0 5 21.4.72
Home base: Paris-Conflans

137 g (NEM: 113 to 146 g)

These cars have the same qualities and defects as the previous ones, namely a correct appearance (with door windows a little too small) and many details that are already mounted: nothing is to be added by the amateur.

The interior fittings are in day position. For the night, it will be necessary to lower the blinds, i.e. to add blinds, because only some windows are equipped.

There are now three drawbar ends of different lengths depending on the radius of the curves to be travelled. For me, this choice is a second best: at other brands, Roco in particular, the circulation with almost joined buffers is possible regardless of the curve’s radius. The holding of these drawbar ends seems a little weak, in any case much more than the coupling heads’.

The roof has a still visible and rather irregular junction. The three-point suspension is quite theoretical because the chassis does not bear on the bogies. There are still no brass bearings, and the rolling ability of one of the two cars is not very good. The gangways do not stand vertically. In short, nothing has changed!

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  • 3-point suspension restored by interposition of 0.3 mm spacers glued on the bogie frame, bosses side.

Cars according to the UIC specifications (Y type), 24.5 m long, delivered from 1968 to 1973 by De Dietrich et CIMT Lorraine. UIC numbers 51 87 44-70 251 to 280 for the UIC 66 type (30 units) and 51 87 44-70 316 to 365 for the UIC 67 type (50 units).


Green A4c4B5c5x UIC REEA4c4B5c5x UIC verte REE

A4c4B5c5x UIC verte REEA4c4B5c5x UIC verte REE

A4c4B5c5x UIC car

Anonymous photo on forum e-train.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 24 500 281.6 282.5
Chassis length 23 200 266.7 266.5
Body width 2 880 33.1 33.4
Height 4 230 48.6 48.7 1
Pivot distance 17 200 197.7 197.3
Bogie wheelbase 2 300 26.4 26.5
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.6
  1. After rectification of the seat.