DEV stainless steel A5r Jouef

A5r DEV inox 1956

Photo EC64 on Forum-Train

Brand - Reference

Jouef HJ4004


A5r DEV inox (stainless steel) U56

UIC number Revision date
51 87 84-87 016-5 5 11.4.73


165 g (NEM: 115 to 150 g)


About registration, the Jouef car is an A5r, but it is arranged in A5rt with central corridor! Better for me!

Bogies Y20. The wheels, very bright, are 10.2 mm dia. (should be 10.6 to scale) and have 1 mm flanges. They are isolated by sleeve on the axle. The axles are 23.8 mm long.

The car is too high by at least 0.5 mm. Beware of the bosses on the bogies, under the drawbars, whose utility is not obvious, and could lean against the chassis.

No spare part provided!

Other existing cars to make a Paris-Lille fast train in the 1970s:

  • Rivarossi 3584 : A9t
  • Rivarossi 3586 : A5rt
  • HJ4042 : A9 + A5r + B10



  • Bogie pivots and chassis clips thinned to make disassembly less difficult. Lowering of the chassis by 0.5 mm by milling the bogie pivots.
  • Chassis and interior fittings rectified (they were distorted because of a bad assembly). Interior fittings painted, white headboards on armchairs. Bar fitted (copper top, tablet). Chassis, buffers, electric heating cables painted.
  • Lighting powered by conductive bearings and controlled by bistable reed switch.


This is one of thirteen cars No. 51 87 84-87 011-6 to 017-3 (U56) then 51 87 84-87 (or 80) 029-5 to 035-5 (U64) put into service from 1957. The Jouef model belonged to the Sud-Ouest Region in 1970 (source: Le Train, Les archives de la DEV, page 83), then to the Sud-Est Region in 1978 (source: SNCF document published by EC64). The original bogies are Y20H, often later replaced by Y24Z.

Cars belonging to the Nord Region in 1978 :

Type UIC number
A5rj U56 51 87 84-87 011-6 to 014-0
A5rj U64 51 87 84-80 029-5 to 032-9

Note: the Paris-Lille “telephone” fast trains were also composed of A9tj cars with central corridor allowing on-site dining, as in future TEE PBA cars. Typical composition: three or four A9j, one A5rtj (bar + telephone), one A9tj, one A6rtj (dining-car), one A9tj, and one Dd4s luggage car.

There is no central corridor car model currently available.


  • Le Train, Les archives de la DEV, vol. 1
  • Wikipedia article
  • website
  • La Vie du Rail No. 1706 of 26 August 1979 Voitures restaurant rouges VRU et bars ou cuisines A5rtj et A6rtj (Red VRU dining-cars and bars or kitchens).

DEV stainless steel A5r JouefDEV stainless steel A5r Jouef

A5r DEV inox 1956

Photo EC64 on Forum-Train

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 25 094 288.4 288.0
Chassis length 24 036 276.3
Body width 2 887 33.2 33.4
Height 3 880 44.6 44.9 1
Pivot distance 17 000 195.4 196.3
Bogie wheelbase (Y20) 2 400 27.6 26.0
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.3
  1. After lowering of 0.5 mm