BB 16677 LS Models

BB 16697

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LS Models 10153


BB 16677

Mass / Slipping / Blocked Current @ 12 V

422 g / 0.24 A / 0.9 A

Machine bought “in sale”.

This model represents a machine that has received red lamps and two-tone horns, as well as large shutters.

The colour is exactly the same as the previous model (so too dark and not bluish at all). Bent cab-mounted hands are always mounted upside down. The red lamps seem too prominent (we see the red plastic behind the chrome circle). Finally, the SNCF badges are still painted, and not very well.



Personal 2014 traction record in MU together with the BB 16733: 89 wagons. Video processed with FFmpeg, Virtual Dub and Audacity. This kind of joke is a test of coupling resistance more than of traction force!
Show video (12 MB).


  • Lokpilot V4.0 21-pin decoder.
    Assignment of function keys changed. Decoder set to have the same parameters (speed and acceleration) as for the 16733.
  • Air tanks mounted directly on the drawbars after removal of the fixing lugs. This loco will have functional couplings on each end, to ensure double units. Cabin hands turned upside down.
  • Pantos: extension limitation by polystyrene stop and removal of the fixing screws.

Locomotives built in 294 units from 1958 to 1964 by Alsthom. Continuous power 2576 kW. Maximum speed: 150 km/h (passengers) and 90 km/h (goods). Weight 72.6 to 75.3 t depending on equipment.

The 16677 is put into service on 14 June 1962 in La Villette (Est). Short stay at La Chapelle (Nord) in 1971, then return to La Villette, Strasbourg and Lens. It is cancelled there on 10 January 2011. I don’t know when it received its large shutters (late 1970s or early 1980s).

Machines in era IVa: at Lens, 16501 to 534, 537 to 581; at La Chapelle (until 1977): 16755, 760 to 794.


BB 16677 LS ModelsBB 16677 LS Models

BB 16697

Photo Raymond Kiès on

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 14 400 165.5 166.0
Body length 13 618 156.5 157.5
Body width 2 985 34.3 33.7
Height 3 582 41.2 41.0
Pivot distance 8 200 94.3 94.3
Bogie wheelbase 1 608 18.5 18.6
Wheel diameter 1 100 12.6 12.5