BB 12061 Trix

BB 12002

Photo J. Defrance.

Trix 22361


BB 12061

Mass / Max. current @ 12 V

340 g / 1 A

Era III original state, blue body and bogies. Depot of Mohon.

Not very fine engraving; pantos are especially not very resembling, including the rather coarse bows. There appears to be a reversal of the bonnet grids (not symmetrical). The reversal of the body on the chassis does not correct it, because the underside of the chassis is not symmetrical either.

The body is too wide of more than two millimetres. The secondary suspension springs are plated on the bogie beams; but these parts are held by simple tenons: it is therefore easy to move them a little away.



  • Lenz Silver decoder.
  • Independent red lights.

Locomotives built in 148 units from 1954 to 1961 by Le Matériel de traction électrique MTE (Jeumont-Schneider-Creusot group) and Alsthom. Continuous power 2473 kW. Maximum speed: 120 km/h. Weight 81.3 to 85.6 t depending on sub-series.

Among the different series of machines called “fers à repasser” (irons) built to test the 25 kV / 50 Hz power supply on the French Nord-Est artery (called Valenciennes - Thionville), the BB 12000 equipped with a graduator (sort of variable transformer), rectifiers and DC motors gave the most satisfaction, even exceeding their initial specifications. This is why their electrical diagram was then extended to all the single-phase series that followed, and even to some bicurrent machines.

The BB 12061 is put into service on 26 July 1958 in Strasbourg. Successive depots: Thionville (10-58), Mohon (4-59), Lens (9-79), Mohon (4-83), Lens (9-92). It is cancelled on 29 May 1994.

For a machine assigned to the Nord, it would be better to have a number between 12063 and 12120 among others (except 12078, 93, 107), which were in Aulnoye in the 1970s.


BB 12061 TrixBB 12061 Trix

BB 12002

Photo J. Defrance.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 15 200 174.7 174.8
Chassis length 14 010 161.0 160.7
Body width 2 900 33.3 35.6
Height 3 695 42.5 42.0
Pivot distance 8 200 94.3 94.5
Bogie wheelbase 2 600 36.8 36.2
Wheel diameter 1 250 14.4 14.1