Compositions of passenger trains

These compositions are often approximate because I lack some vehicles. The trains photos are obtained by juxtaposing partial photos, much like a panorama. Only the catenary, both for the photographs and for the videos, is not real, but is a simple drawing. I think the connoisseurs will have unmasked me!

TEE 83 “Ile de France” Paris-Nord - Amsterdam beginning of years 1960

Ile de France

Minimum composition (motor + trailer).

TEE 155/190 “Parsifal” Paris-Nord - Hambourg summer 1965


Seven cars. Basic composition.

See video (0.9 MB).

Boulogne-Avignon (TAC) years 1970


Ten coaches. A U-type sleeping car (ex-Y) lacks.

See video (1.8 MB).

TEE 84 “Brabant” Bruxelles - Paris Nord 1975

TEE Brabant

Eight coaches. Composition all PBA + one A8uj Mistral.

Source : La légende des Trans-Europ-Express by M. Mertens, p. 233. One A8uj lacks at the tail end for a typical composition (9 coaches), but it’s possible to make a 1974 composition (7 coaches) by removing one A8uj.

See video (2 MB).

Express 492 (Dunkerque) - Lille - Charleville - Longuyon - Bâle (direct coaches to Nancy), summer 1973

Dunkerque Bâle 1973

Forteen coaches. The B4D OCEM RA replaces a Sud-Est modernized coach. An ex-DR luggage van replaces a Dd2 Est. The four leading cars are cut at Longuyon and are taken to Nancy by a BB 13000 electric loco. Source : I used to take this train during my studies in Nancy.

See video (1.9 MB).

Rapide 396/397 Calais - Lille - Bâle / Milan and other destinations, July-August 1973

Calais Bâle 1973

Twelve coaches. The B4D OCEM RA replaces a Sud-Est modernized coach. One A4c4B5c5 UIC and one B9c9x UIC on either side of the sleeping car lack. On sunday night, the Est B11 coaches at the tail end bring the troufions (soldiers) back to Strasbourg. Source : The Lille-Basel route is the longest one-way travelled by a BB 16000: 649 km (about 400 miles).

See video (2.1 MB).

Rapide 400 Calais - Boulogne - Amiens - Paris Nord, summer 1973

Calais Paris 1973

Twelve coaches. The four last cars are to Milano, San Remo and Trieste by the Direct Orient. Source :

See video (1.7 MB).

Junction JJ400 Paris Nord - Paris Gare de Lyon, summer 1973

Junction Paris Nord - Paris Lyon, 1973

The four last cars of the above train are brought to Gare de Lyon by a Diesel loco BB 63000, via la petite ceinture (Little Belt), to be connected to the Direct Orient. Source :

See video (1 MB).

Rapide 405 “Flèche d’Or” (Golden Arrow), (Paris) - Amiens - Calais, winter 1974-1975

Flèche d’Or 1974

Eleven coaches. The UIC B9c9x coach replaces one A4c4B5c5x. The B4D OCEM RA replaces a Sud-Est modernized car. Source : Ferrovissimo No. 11.

See video (3 MB).

Train No. 259 Paris-Est - Francfurt / Main, 1977

Paris Francfort

Eight coaches. The DB Bm234 coach replaces an ABm225.

See video (1.5 MB).

Train No. 234 Copenhagen - Paris-Nord, summer 1978

Copenhague Paris 1978

Seven coaches. Source :

See video (1.3 MB).

Rapide No. ? Paris-Nord - Bruxelles - Roosendaal - Amsterdam CS 1979

Paris Bruxelles Amsterdam

Seven coaches. The VTU coaches should wear the orange C1 livery. Source :

See video (1.8 MB).

2-level suburban train set


Six coaches. BB 17040 pushing.

See video (1.1 MB).

Rapide 491 (Paris) - Lille - Dunkerque-ferry summer 1980

Lille - Dunkerque-ferry

Forteen coaches. The UIC and DEV coaches should probably all be in C160 livery. The BB 16000 should have its buffer beams reinforced. Finally, a Nord Dd2 van lacks. Source :

See video (2.3 MB).

D 234 Copenhagen – Paris-Nord, winter 1980/1981

Copenhague Paris 1980

Nine coaches. The UIC coaches should probably all be in C160 livery. I’ve replaced a 40100 loco with a 16 series belgian loco to get some variety. Source :

See video (1.3 MB).

Rapide 434/435 Parsifal : Köln - Liège - Maubeuge - St Quentin - Paris-Nord, winter 1980-81

Parsifal Cologne - Paris 1980

Ten coaches. The composer had some worries: first, he had to replace some cars planned in livery C1 by Coral ones. Second, the DB WRmh132 dining car, unavailable, had to be replaced with a SNCF Vru DEV 62.

See video (1.6 MB).

Suburban “inox” (stainless steel) train set (Paris)

Rame inox de banlieue

Four coaches. The actual trains are usually composed of two four-car sets. The cars are connected by electric couplings made by me.

Omnibus Douai-Lille


Free but likely composition.

See video (1.3 MB).

Double unit of X 4500 “Caravelles

Caravelles DMU

Free composition.

See video (1.1 MB).